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Daily Annoucements Januray 14, 2020

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Tuesday, January 14, 2020

"If you are interested in representing Nantyr Shores and your fellow students, consider applying to be a student trustee.  Get experience, get paid and learn about representing others.  Get an information sheet from the guidance office."


Hey Nantyr students!!  It's time to return your library books!!  Please bring them back ASAP.  Today would be PERFECT.  And thanks very much to everyone who has already returned their books.


Smile week is here! It's January, it's gloomy, and hey exams are just around the let's smile for a bit and take a break from the stress! We start Smile week with an "R U A OK" challenge..that's's a Random Unsolicited ACT of Kindness challenge for all of the grades! Which grade can show the most kindness? We will be tallying the score all week in the main hall. Hold a door for someone? Take a selfie of you holding the door and bring it to the table in the main at lunch! Pick up some garbage? Take a selfie and bring that too.... pay a compliment? Screenshot that and show us. When you bring your selfies or screenshots of your random act of kindness, we will give you a sweet treat and enter you into a draw to win some sweet school swag! This is a week-long challenge so don't wait! Do it today! Let's see which grade can show the most kindness.

Still not smiling? That's okay! Come out to the gym at lunch today and take out your stress with some Dodgeball! Last person standing wins a prize! Tomorrow we are giving out free hugs and Hersey kisses in the main hall at lunch! Thursday, it's time to learn how to take care of yourself! Come down to the main hall at lunch to share your secrets of self-care! Share a secret, get a sweet treat! Finally on's time to feel good and bust a move while jamming out to some tunes in the main hall! Every day at lunch this week, leadership is gonna give you a reason to smile. See you in the main hall at lunch! 


Anyone interested in playing senior boys rugby meet in the gym on Wednesday at the beginning of lunch to sign up.  See Mr. Larmon if you can't attend.


The GSA is meeting this Friday in the library smartboard room. See you all there.

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