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Our science classes are hands-on. We strive to inspire students and to encourage them to question assumptions about the world around them. Our aim is to help students cultivate a passion for science.​

2019-2020 Science Course Catalogue

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Research & Design 


This full-day interdisciplinary program teaches students the principles of research, design, prototyping, and analysis through the topics of projectile motion, structural support systems, power generation, and acoustic systems. Students will be taught the concepts from grade 11 Physics, grade 11 Math, and grade 11 Tech Design, and grade 11 Computer Science and apply them in a variety of individual and team projects that tackle both real-world and simulated problems.

Students interested in fields such as architecture, biomechanics, engineering, computer programming, aerospace, aviation, acoustics, robotics, structure, or have a general interest in how and why things work are encouraged to consider applying for this program.


Course Codes: SPH3U, MCR3U, TDJ3M, ICS3U


The course includes several full-class field trips, including one overnight trip. The costs for all the field trips, as well as a class t-shirt and some supplemental building materials is collected in a single amount of $600 from each student. This can be paid all at once or over three payments that begin shortly before the semester and end near the middle. 


For more information please contact Mr. Taylor (


Duncan Taylor, OCT
Science and R&D Lead Teacher
Nantyr Shores Secondary School
(705) 431-5950 x56207