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Sports & Clubs

We offer a range of sports, clubs and activities at our school. These activities are run by volunteers—our own staff—often with the help of parents or other community members.

Participating in sports and clubs is a great way for students to meet peers with similar interests. It's also a chance for students to explore their interests or discover a new skill.  

Some activities have a cost associated with them to help cover the cost of transportation and other resources. A student will not be excluded because of financial challenges. Please visit the office if you need assistance.


17-18 Co-curricular Activities and Clubs.jpg
10/26/2017 12:01 PMMcMartin, Denise
17-18 Co-curricular Activities and Sports.jpg
10/26/2017 12:01 PMMcMartin, Denise
8/28/2017 1:24 PMBarber, Jo-Ann
8/28/2017 1:40 PMBarber, Jo-Ann
Childrens Mental Health.jpg
11/2/2017 2:39 PMMcMartin, Denise
Grad Photos 2017-2018.png
10/24/2017 2:20 PMMcMartin, Denise
4/11/2017 8:52 AMBarber, Jo-Ann
lucky stiff.jpg
3/29/2017 1:14 PMBarber, Jo-Ann
10/30/2017 11:12 AMMcMartin, Denise
NSS RD Application Form.pdf
10/11/2017 11:57 AMMcMartin, Denise
NSSS parent council - Oct 17.pdf
11/21/2017 10:12 AMLachapelle, Christine
NSSS Parent Council Minutes - Sept  17.pdf
11/21/2017 10:11 AMLachapelle, Christine
3/3/2017 11:00 AMCampbell, Jamie
Parents Night 2.jpg
10/12/2017 9:34 AMMcMartin, Denise
Parents Night Image.pdf
10/12/2017 8:46 AMMcMartin, Denise
Parents Night.jpg
10/12/2017 9:01 AMMcMartin, Denise
Photo Day NAN sept 14.jpeg
8/31/2017 11:54 AMMcMartin, Denise
Photo Day NAN sept 14.pdf
8/31/2017 11:48 AMMcMartin, Denise
3/29/2017 11:30 AMBarber, Jo-Ann
Registration for Non-SCDSB.pdf
11/28/2017 8:40 AMLachapelle, Christine
Registration for SCDSB.pdf
11/28/2017 8:40 AMLachapelle, Christine
Special Education 17-18.docx
9/5/2017 9:16 AMMcMartin, Denise
Student Invitation-Mar, 2017.doc
5/12/2017 9:26 AMBarber, Jo-Ann
Student Invitation-Mar, 2017.pdf
5/12/2017 1:11 PMBarber, Jo-Ann
The Scholarship Report Aug Sept 2017.pdf
9/20/2017 12:06 PMMcMartin, Denise
The Scholarship Report.jpg
9/20/2017 12:16 PMMcMartin, Denise
Youth Job Connection Application - Summer.pdf
6/2/2017 10:31 AMMcMartin, Denise